Batch images resizing with ImageMagick on Ubuntu

15 12 2009

Image magicks are free software suite for the creation, modification, and display of bitmaps images. Belows are some shortcut how to resize many images just in a wink.

open your favourite terminal, then do this magick command:

user@machine> sudo apt-get install imagemagick

Go to your folder location where your images placed.
user@machine> cd (go to your location)

Now let’s start the magick command to batch resize all images in your folder using mogrify. Mogrify is a member of imagemagick package.
user@machine> mogrify -resize 800x600 "*" *.png

Sim Sala Bim !!!. The above example will resize all of your images which have png extension to 800×600 px resolution, just simply configure the option to your needs.

Congrats, now your upload progress bar can running faster than before !


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